Bending by Hübscher & Kracht, 30 minutes

Exercises: 21, Duration: 30 Minutes

The so-called bottleneck stretches are a sequence of exercises according to Schreiner & Kracht. They have been modified a bit and adjusted so that most of them can be completed without a chair or seat.

These exercises are not easy, you should not overdo it with the stretching, especially at the beginning, but also later and always stay a little below the maximum possible! After a break, I always allow myself ten or more training sessions in which I slowly approach my maximum stretching range again.

You can use a clock or a counter for the exercises, I now use breaths to determine the duration of the exercise. With slow breathing, that's between ten and twenty breaths for me, depending on whether I want to take it a little easier or a little more hearty.

1. Chest and shoulder stretch I

Chest and shoulder stretch, arms straight at sides, 20 degrees up.

2. Chest and shoulder stretch II

Chest and shoulder stretch, arms up 45 degrees

3. Chest and shoulder stretch III

Extend your arms horizontally in front of you, then lift them up until they are vertical. The arms stretch up and back.

4. Standing side neck stretch

One arm holds head, the other pulls shoulder down.

5. Back rotation simple, sitting or standing

6. Stretch your lower back, sitting or standing

7. Stretch diaphragm

8. Stretch thighs, sitting or standing

9. Stretch buttocks and hips, seated

10. Stretch your jaw and eyes

11. Stretch wrists I

12. Stretch wrists II

13. Stretch back of leg

14. Stretch ankle I

15. Stretch ankle II

16. Hip stretch I

17. Stretch shoulder

18. Side-stretching

19. Push the strips forward

20. Straight neck stretch

21. Get straight

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