Stretch the whole body

Exercises: 27, Duration: 30 Minutes

A pleasant morning routine that you can relax after the bottleneck stretches. Two or three exercises are not without, but all in all you can do it well even as a beginner. Especially when you have understood from the stretching exercises that you don't just accept postures, but actively stretch into the posture, a great exercise sequence.

1. Seated twist dynamic

2. Side stretch left & right

3. Sufi circles

4. Neck stretch left & right

5. Calf stretch

6. Wrist stretch & mobilization

7. Cat Cow

8. Thread the needle left & right

9. Childs pose

10. Sphinx

11. Shoulder stretch

12. Walk the dog

13. Deep lunge

14. Deep lunge twist

15. Standing forward bend

16. Yohi Squat with twist

17. Butterfy forward with fold

18. Seated forward bend

19. One leg forward bend left & right

20. Straddle forward bend

21. Seated twist

22. Shoulder Bridge

23. Lying Hamstring stretch

24. Reclining pigeon

25. Full body stretch

26. Lying Twist left & right

27. Deep relaxation

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